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A project inviting twenty-nine international artists to produce one book each to be published between June and July 2020. The result is an archive made by artists - sometimes in quarantine - during a remarkable period encompassing the Covid-19 outbreak and worldwide protests against racism and police brutality.


For the first time, ABC [Artists’ Books Cooperative] invited other artists to participate in this international group project.

Starting in June 2020, participating artists chose a day to publish an artist's book online. The theme and content of each book was open to each artist; be it a diary, a sketch book, a reflection on these strange times, work made during the lockdown, or a response to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations against police brutality and white privilege.

The only condition was for the book to be uploaded to the web on the chosen day.

When art book fairs eventually open again, a physical presentation of the entire series will take place, with all books printed digitally in a small edition.

ABC [Artists’ Books Cooperative]

We are an international group of artists, publishers, and educators seeking to create, engage, and experiment with the form of the book and to foster alternative forms of distribution through collaboration.

As well as working on our own practices, we work together to produce collective projects.

Centered on book fairs and our online forum, we aim to develop a growing international network of artists.


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ABC Days is organized by Wil van Iersel.
This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).


Alaa Mansour
Lebanese artist, filmmaker and iconographer. Her practise questions the power of images, exploring the construction of individual narratives in the midst of collective socio-political mythologies.

Bruno Zhu
Lives and works in Amsterdam, explores his
fascination for photography’s ambivalent symbol as surface and object, representation and appropriation.

Corinne Vionnet
Swiss visual artist. Her works led her to analyze the construction of the social imagination and collective identity, as well as our behavior with images.

David Horvitz
Uses art books, photography, performance art, and mail art as mediums for his work. He is known for his work in the virtual sphere.

David Schulz
Explores the processes of reading through photography and text.

Dawn Kim
Artist who uses text and image to examine systemic forces in the mundane. She received her MFA from Yale University and relocated to Austin for the 2020-21 St. Elmo Arts Fellowship at the University of Texas.

Duncan Wooldridge
Artist, writer and curator. He is the Course Director for BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography at Camberwell College of Art.

EJ Major
Trained as a photographer and social scientist, with a particular interest in anthropology and gender studies. She is concerned with the complex biological, social and cultural influences that determine one’s life and individual temperament.

Hermann Zschiegner
Principal in the award-winning New York–based design agency TWO-N and the author of various appropriated artist's books.

Jack Halten Fahnestock
American artist, designer, and entrepreneur. With a focus on lettering and typography, he explores a variety of mediums both physical and digital.

Jan van der Til
Founded Rhizomebook.com as a representation and interpretation of his artistic practice. Rhizomebook.com is a Book, a thoughtfully designed construction in which form and meaning are interconnected.

John MacLean
Britain’s best known unknown photographer. He has self-published ten books. Hometowns was nominated for The Deutsche Borse Prize 2018.

Jonathan Bragdon
is an American artist who has lived in the Netherlands since 1979. His work is represented in numerous international collections including the Stedelijk Museum.

Jonathan Lewis
Artist living and working in New Jersey, USA. He makes photo-based art that explores themes of memory and communication via the elemental properties of the pixel and the low-fi aesthetic of the screen-grab.

Jonathan Schmidt-Ott
Artist who lives and works in Berlin, where he also runs a project space called Dzialdov.

Kurt Caviezel
Uses the web as his camera. The screen of his computer is the viewfinder, the mouse the trigger and the livecams around the world are his lenses.

Lotte Lara Schröder
Artist based in Amsterdam and working across different media such as drawing, painting, sound and printed matter informed by a background in design.

Louis Porter
British artist and regards himself above all as a collector and archivist. His 2013 book Conflict Resolution was selected for the International Photobook Award at the Photobook Festival Kassel.

Micheál O’Connell/Mocksim
Employs strategies - often carried out under the moniker Mocksim - of 'interference' with everyday functional processes, and technological systems.

Mishka Henner
Belgian, French, British artist living and working in Manchester, England. His varied practice often navigates through the digital terrain to focus on key subjects of cultural and geo-political interest. Lives in Manchester, England.

Mohini Chandra
Has an interest in photographic histories and the processes of visual culture within colonial, anthropological and ethnographic discourses and the imagery of contemporary globalized cultures.

Monika Orpik
Polish photographer believing that through book making and alternative methods of printing, one can explore the subject of trauma in post-conflict societies.

Ofer Wolberger
Lives and works in New York. In 2012, he completed 12 Books, a series of self-published artists books and was awarded the Printed Matter Award for Artists.

Penelope Umbrico
Works within the virtual world of consumer marketing and social media, and offers a  reinterpretation of everyday consumer and vernacular images.

Rahel Zoller
Book Artist and Educator. She specialises in artists’ books which explore concepts of language, reading and writing as well as the interaction between user, creator and society.

Studio The Future
The Future is an independent publisher and printer founded by Klara van Duijkeren and Vincent Schipper – lovers of the tactility of paper and books.

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
Works with photography, sculpture, curating, and the production of artists’ books.

Travis Shaffer
Visual artist whose work spans the mediums of photography, digital imaging, and the artist's book, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Missouri.

Wil van Iersel
Photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and a passionate bookmaker.